We are able to orient from the beginning of production the type of wine that we pursue since we have our own vineyard. Advanced technology in elaboration is a strength added, which allows to keep the wines in the right parameters according to their category.

In Hacienda Villarta it is a custom to macerate with the peel. This way, the extraction of poliphenols is appropriate and these are perceived pleasantly in the glass.

Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, which provide a good hygene level and the ideal temperature (65ºF) to avoid unexpected abruptness in any step of the elaboration.

Ageing process lasts 10 months in our American and French oak barrels. These barrels are located in a naturally controlled temperature room, in accordance with the elaboration process of our wines. With the ageing, a complex wine is obtained, with a blend of the grape and oak wood aromas.

Pale rosé colour, crystalline  and bright. It assembles an assorted range of fragrances that make it attractive, original and charming. When shaken, it may turn fizzy. Better when served below 50ºF.

Smooth sparkling pace that reminds the sweet strawberry and red berries. Later its youth is revealed by its natural freshness.

This is a bigareau cherry coloured wine, clean, shiny, and deeply layered. It’s smooth, well structured, with vatietal aromas of forest fruits and spices, with a bitter end. Long paced, enjoyable and persistent.

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