Apellation of Origin.- Méntrida.




Grape varieties.- Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.


Elaboration.- The harvest was performed before the dawn (making the most of the lowest temperature of the day) to protect grapes from oxidation. Once in the wine cellar, the must and the peel are macerated to obtain the first aromatic notes. Fermentation at controlled temperature (60º F) allows to maintain the generated aromas and the elegance this kind of wine should posses. The fermentation process suffers a slowdown because the low temperature, and it could last a month. This makes the elaboration process more difficult than usual, therefore, to obtain the desired result, more caring steps must be taken. Finally looking to obtain a more interesting young wine, a delicate essence of pastry aromas are noticed in result of it’s slight exchange with oak in barrel.


Tasting note.- Intense yellow colour, product of a long maceration, with greenish and gold tonalities. Shiny and transparent. Clean bouquet that reminds the varieties of wine’s source with intense and frutal-floral tones of pineapple, apple, and banana.

Nice persistence in glass.

Intense and slightly sharp in mouth, smoothened by its greasiness and volume. Mild pace, very pleasant, with no other noticeable factor except a enjoyable bitterness that makes its pace longer.