Designation of Origin.- Méntrida.


Bigarreau cherry coloured wine, shiny,v cleverly dyed teardrop, finely sketched. Strong, fleshy and extract. fruit zest, impressions of coffee and spices, with a slight bitter end. Slow pace, pleasant and persistent.


In the most direct search of a relation between in consumer and the places wherefrom the grapes come, we have decided to bottle the wine with scanty treatments of stabilization, leaving it almost as a wine in branch. This can facilitate the appearance of precipitates during the upbringing in bottle.

Red cherry coloured, persistent teardrop, wide and fleshy. Smooth pace, balanced and great fruit intensity, leaving an impression of long-lasting strenght and quality. Gets along pretty well with stronger foods like spicy or marinated, however it’s enjoyable with strew and barbecue.

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