Designation of Origin.- Méntrida.


In order to elaborate this wine, a previous selection among different fertile places in our vineyard was made throughout the years, selecting those that evidently have given the best grapes. The harvest was performed before the dawn; therefore, a chill weather was reached during the grape entry to the wine cellar, making easier the successive prefermentative maceration that lasted two days.



Following the procedure of upbringing of our warehouse, the beginning of the same one was done by new casks, allowing that it should end in old and healthy casks. This combination allows that the complexity that contributes the exchange between the wine and the new casks, one agrees during the permanency in the casks already more secondhand giving a wine with a major elegance and balance. In this case the process lasted 30 months with a natural control of temperature that provides our cave of upbringing. Finally a complex wine was obtained by jams of red and balsamic fruits that they assemble with spices and agreeable notes of vanilla. It came from cherry-red color and persistent tear, in mouth it is wide, beefy with soft, balanced and great fruit-bearing intensity, which leaves a quality impression.


In the most direct search of a relation between in consumer and the places wherefrom the grapes come, we have decided to bottle the wine with scanty treatments of stabilization, leaving it almost as a wine in branch. This can facilitate the appearance of precipitates during the upbringing in bottle.

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