Apellation of Origin.- Méntrida.


Grape varieties.- Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon.


Elaboration.- In order to elaborate this wine, a previous selection among different fertile places in our vineyard was made throughout the years, selecting those that evidently have given the best grapes. The harvest was performed before the dawn; therefore, a chill weather was reached during the grape entry to the wine cellar, making easier the successive prefermentative maceration that lasted two days.

During fermentation, oriented to prepare wine for the ageing in barrel, the temperature was always kept below 77º F. Essential operations took place to guarantee a high extraction of the peel, extending fermentation and permitting softening subsequently. Ageing process began in our French and American oak barrels. During twelve months with a natural temperature control provided by our ageing cave, a complex wine, where toasted hazelnut, thyme, and red fruit in compote blend of aromas is obtained.


Tasting note.- Bigarreau cherry coloured wine, shiny, cleverly dyed teardrop, finely sketched. Strong, fleshy and extract. fruit zest, impressions of coffee and spices, with a slight bitter end. Slow pace, pleasant and persistent.

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